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Category Archives: Bal Harbour Real Estate

The Changing Real Estate Landscape: The Ripple Effects of Shifting Commission Structures

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, recent developments in California are sending ripples across the industry. The longstanding practice of sellers paying the buyer’s agent commission is being challenged, which could fundamentally alter the market dynamic in ways yet to be fully understood. On one hand, this shift introduces a potential barrier for buyers […]

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Short-Term Rentals in Florida

As a real estate professional in Florida, it’s crucial to stay informed about the state’s evolving short-term rental regulations. The landscape has seen significant changes, from new laws empowering local governments to the state’s growing role in regulation. 2021: Short-Term Rentals Gain Legal Protection In 2021, Florida took a progressive step by preventing local municipalities […]

The Shifting Landscape: Real Estate Agents in the Age of E-Commerce and Alternative Platforms

Introduction: In a world where digital platforms and unconventional streams of income are on the rise, the real estate landscape is undergoing a notable transformation. This blog post delves into the changing dynamics of the real estate industry, exploring the impact of e-commerce, online platforms, and alternative revenue streams on the motivation of individuals to […]

Bal Harbour Jetty Transformation: A Vision Unveiled by Mikyoung Kim Design Studio

Introduction: The Bal Harbour community is abuzz with excitement as plans for the transformative redesign of the Bal Harbour Jetty take shape. The Village Council’s careful consideration and selection of Mikyoung Kim Design Studio, an internationally acclaimed landscape architectural firm, mark a significant step towards creating a remarkable family-centered destination. Mikyoung Kim Design Studio’s Impressive […]

Bal Harbour vs. Surfside: A Tale of Live Act Consequences and the Affordable Housing Debate

Introduction: In the vibrant landscape of Miami-Dade County, the cities of Bal Harbour and Surfside Beach, FL are currently grappling with the ramifications of Live Acts and the differing responses from their administrations. While Bal Harbour navigates the real-time consequences, Surfside’s administration, though credited for their efforts in Tallahassee. This prompts a thought-provoking scenario: What […]