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Category Archives: Miami Beach

Navigating Changes in Florida Condo Living: SB 4-D and Potential Impact on Real Estate

In May 2022, Florida ushered in a significant shift in the condominium landscape with the passing of Senate Bill SB 4-D. This comprehensive legislation mandates structural and milestone inspections for all condominium buildings that are three stories or higher. The goal is to ensure the safety, integrity, and longevity of these residential structures, setting a […]

Kolter Hospitality and BH Group Secure Iconic Crystal Beach Hotel Amidst Miami Beach Real Estate Buzz, Adjacent to Noteworthy Port Royale Condo

In a significant development for Miami Beach real estate, Kolter Hospitality, a division of Kolter Group, and BH Group have collaboratively acquired the Crystal Beach Suites Miami Oceanfront Hotel. Situated in the vibrant North Beach neighborhood and established in 1950, this 84-room property garnered attention with a strategic joint venture, securing it for an impressive […]

Navigating the Condo Conundrum: Challenges and Solutions in Surfside and Broward County Real Estate

Given the pressing concerns around condominiums in Surfside and wider Broward County, there’s a growing sense of urgency for those residing in older buildings facing the twofold challenge of costly deferred-maintenance repairs and escalating property insurance expenses. The aftermath of the Surfside tragedy and subsequent legislation has mandated condominium associations to fortify their reserve funds […]

The Role of Realtors: Insights from a Real Estate Veteran” Subtitle: “Navigating Complex Real Estate Transactions and Industry Dynamics” In the wake of the major federal jury verdict that’s shaking up the real estate industry, let’s take a closer look at the role of real estate agents, or realtors, in the buying and selling process. […]