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“Coffee with the Cops: Surfside Police Department’s Community Connection Event at Starbucks”

On November 30, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, the Surfside Police Department invites residents, businesspersons, and visitors to participate in a unique community initiative—Coffee with the Cops—at Starbucks.

This monthly event provides an opportunity for the community to engage with the Chief of Police and his staff in an informal setting. Located at Starbucks, attendees can share their thoughts, discuss community issues, or offer valuable feedback regarding the Police Department. The relaxed atmosphere of a local coffee shop encourages open conversation, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration between law enforcement and the community.

Notably, two or more members of the Town Commission or a Town Board may also be present at this event, further emphasizing the commitment to transparency and community involvement. It’s a chance for individuals from all walks of life to interact with key figures in local law enforcement, building mutual understanding and strengthening the bonds that contribute to a safer and more united community.

Whether you’re a resident eager to voice your concerns, a businessperson seeking to enhance security measures, or a visitor interested in community engagement, Coffee with the Cops offers a welcoming platform to connect with the Surfside Police Department. So, mark your calendar, grab a cup of coffee, and join in this valuable initiative for a morning of constructive dialogue and community building.