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Damac’s Surfside Luxury Condo Project: Approval Amid Controversy

Discover the latest developments in the Damac Properties’ luxury condo project in Surfside, where key approval has been granted despite a heated debate surrounding a controversial garbage loading dock. The Surfside Commission’s narrow 3-2 vote in favor of the project, situated on the Champlain Towers South collapse site, concluded a contentious meeting marked by passionate exchanges.

The heart of the dispute lies in whether the Dubai developer should be permitted to locate its garbage pickup and loading zone on the same street designated for a collapse memorial—a proposal that has deeply upset families of victims, who find it “extremely disrespectful.”

Damac, under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, envisions a 12-story, 52-unit condo development on the oceanfront property where 98 lives were tragically lost in the former Champlain building’s collapse over two years ago. Acquiring the property at a court-ordered auction for $120 million last year, Damac collaborates with Zaha Hadid Architects on the new building’s design.

The approved resolution mandates Damac to rework its site plan, relocating the garbage pickup away from 88th Street, the intended location for the memorial, to the southwest corner near 87th Terrace. Yet, it also contains a clause that allows Damac flexibility if the Florida Department of Transportation and Miami-Dade County reject the revised site plan with a loading dock on the southwest corner.

The divided Commission vote reflects the intense discussions on the matter, with Mayor Danzinger, Vice Chair Jeff Rose, and Commissioner Fred Landsman in favor of the motion, while Commissioners Nelly Velasquez and Marianne Meischeid opposed, citing concerns about granting Damac leeway to proceed if the loading dock modification isn’t approved.

The approved resolution additionally restricts Damac to construction vehicle access on Collins Avenue, distanced from the memorial site.

Another impending issue involves the southwest corner of the development site’s flood zone status, preventing construction of the building and a two-level underground garage. FEMA’s reworking of flood maps may resolve this issue, either by implementing new maps or approving Damac’s request for the new map’s implementation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project that has sparked extensive debate in Surfside. #DamacSurfside #LuxuryCondo #SurfsideDevelopment