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Edgewater’s Skyline Set to Soar: FAA Filings Detail Ambitious Heights for New Apartments

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood as plans for two striking apartment buildings have taken a significant step forward. Height filings with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) were officially submitted on November 14, outlining the impressive dimensions of the upcoming Residence 23 and Residence 27 buildings.

The Residence 23 tower is slated to ascend to a remarkable 370 feet above ground, reaching a total elevation of 383 feet above sea level, as detailed in the filing. Meanwhile, the Residence 27 property is set to host a tower soaring to 247 feet above ground, or 260 feet above sea level. These filings, submitted by Chicago developer Trilogy, provide a glimpse into the ambitious architectural vision that promises to redefine Edgewater’s skyline.

Nestled in close proximity to the sandy shores of Miami Beach and the laid-back charm of Surfside Beach, Edgewater stands as a gateway to coastal allure and vibrant city living. Earlier this year, Trilogy had submitted plans to the Urban Development Review Board (UDRB) for both towers, marking a crucial step in bringing these structures to life. With construction permits for both buildings applied for in August, the city is currently reviewing the plans, paving the way for an exciting phase of growth in Edgewater.

In a noteworthy development in October, Trilogy achieved a significant milestone by securing water and sewer utilities for 375 apartments at Residence 23 and 250 apartments at Residence 27. The project scope extends beyond residential spaces, with plans also including restaurants in both buildings, adding a vibrant and communal dimension to these upcoming architectural marvels.

As Edgewater anticipates the transformation of its skyline, these FAA filings signal the beginning of a new chapter for the neighborhood. Stay tuned for further updates as Trilogy’s vision takes shape, ushering in a dynamic era for Miami’s evolving urban landscape.