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Four Winds: A Timeless Oasis in Surfside, Florida”


Nestled along the pristine shores of Surfside, Florida, the Four Winds stands as a testament to architectural excellence and a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary living. Built in 1967 by the renowned architect Morris Lapidus, this distinctive residential tower transitioned gracefully into a condominium community in 1974. Today, the Four Winds continues to captivate residents and investors alike with its rich history, luxurious amenities, prime beachfront location, and an enticing real estate opportunity.


Morris Lapidus, a visionary architect known for his iconic designs, crafted the Four Winds with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to timeless elegance. The transition from a standalone building to a condominium community in 1974 marked a significant chapter in the history of this architectural gem. With 144 meticulously designed condominiums, the Four Winds has undergone thoughtful upgrades over the years, seamlessly blending classic charm with modern sophistication.

The building underwent a substantial renovation a few years ago, focusing on exterior paint and concrete restoration. While maintaining its architectural legacy, the Four Winds has evolved to meet contemporary standards. Today, the building stands tall, offering an intimate setting where history and modernity coexist. Recent discussions about necessary repairs have sparked interest from potential investors eager to preserve this architectural treasure.


Beyond the elegantly designed condos, the Four Winds pampers residents with a range of luxurious amenities. A refreshing oceanfront swimming pool beckons under the Florida sun, providing a perfect retreat for relaxation. The well-appointed fitness center caters to health enthusiasts, while a clubhouse serves as a social hub for community gatherings. A playground for children completes the family-friendly atmosphere, making the Four Winds a well-rounded haven for residents.

One of the standout features that attracts investors is the flexible rental policy, allowing residents to embrace a variety of living arrangements. From spacious studios to luxurious three-bedroom penthouses, Four Winds caters to diverse lifestyles while preserving the charm of the past.


Situated at the coveted address of 9225 Collins Avenue, Four Winds offers residents direct access to the beautiful beachfront. The prime location adds to the allure of this residential tower, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. Beyond the sun-kissed shores, the charming town of Surfside awaits within walking distance. This proximity to the town center ensures that residents have access to a vibrant community atmosphere, with shopping, dining, and cultural experiences just a stroll away.

Real Estate Opportunity:

As of today, the Four Winds presents an enticing real estate opportunity, with Unit 309 listed as the lowest price in Surfside at $399,000. This affordable entry point into the prestigious Surfside community adds an extra layer of appeal for prospective residents and investors alike, making the Four Winds a unique and attractive option in the local real estate market.


The Four Winds in Surfside, Florida, stands as a timeless oasis that seamlessly weaves together the threads of history, luxury, convenience, and now, a compelling real estate opportunity. With a storied past and a commitment to modern living, this architectural gem continues to attract those seeking a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary comforts. As discussions about potential repairs unfold, the future of the Four Winds remains a topic of interest, ensuring that this iconic structure will continue to leave an indelible mark on the picturesque skyline of Surfside.