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Governor Ron DeSantis Unveils Family-Centric Fiscal Plan for Florida’s Future


In a landmark announcement on December 5, 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis revealed the comprehensive “Focus on Florida’s Future” budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2024–2025. With a total budget of $114.4 billion, reflecting a prudent reduction of $4.6 billion from the previous year, the Governor’s plan emphasizes fiscal responsibility and strategic investments. Boasting $16.3 billion in reserves, the budget is poised to address unforeseen economic challenges. This blog delves into the key highlights of the Governor’s ambitious proposal.

Florida’s Remarkable Success:

Governor DeSantis begins by celebrating Florida’s outstanding achievements over the past five years, where the state has secured the top spot in education, net in-migration, entrepreneurship, and new business formations. With an impressive 2.7 million new businesses formed since 2019, Florida stands as a beacon of success, affirming the Governor’s commitment to conservative principles and effective governance.

Fiscal Conservatism in Action:

The proposed budget continues Florida’s legacy of fiscal conservatism by paying down an additional $455 million in debt. Simultaneously, it allocates $1.1 billion for tax relief, reinforcing Florida’s position as a national exemplar of success through sound fiscal policies.

Family Focused Tax Relief:

A centerpiece of the Focus on Florida’s Future Budget is the emphasis on family-centric tax relief, totaling more than $1.1 billion. The tax relief package targets various aspects of family life, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and enhance the overall well-being of Florida residents. Key components include:

  • Homeowners Insurance Policies: A one-year exemption on taxes, fees, and assessments, saving taxpayers $409 million and decreasing average insurance premiums by up to 6%.
  • Flood Insurance Policies: A permanent exemption, saving taxpayers $22 million annually.
  • Over-the-Counter Pet Medications: A permanent sales tax exemption, saving Florida families $37 million and promoting the health of family pets.
  • Unique Abilities Tax Credit: A tax credit for businesses employing Floridians with unique abilities, saving these businesses $5 million annually.
  • Back-to-School Sales Tax Holidays: Two events in fall and spring, collectively saving Florida families $169 million on school supplies, clothing, and computers.
  • Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holidays: Two occurrences, saving Floridians $49 million on supplies needed during disasters.
  • Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday: A three-month event, saving Florida families more than $241 million on outdoor recreation items for summer entertainment.
  • Tool Time Sales Tax Holiday: A 7-day event, saving skilled workers more than $16 million on tools necessary for their work.
  • Sales Tax Collection Allowance: An increase to save small businesses $165 million.


Governor Ron DeSantis’ Focus on Florida’s Future Budget for FY 2024–2025 demonstrates a commitment to responsible governance, fiscal conservatism, and prioritizing the needs of Florida’s families. The proposed tax relief measures reflect a thoughtful approach to enhancing the quality of life for residents while maintaining the state’s robust financial standing. As Floridians eagerly anticipate the unfolding of these initiatives, the Governor’s vision sets the stage for a promising future for the Sunshine State.

As Governor Ron DeSantis paves the way for a prosperous future with the “Focus on Florida’s Future” budget, residents and prospective newcomers alike are invited to partake in the state’s success story. If you’re considering a move to the vibrant communities of Miami Beach, Surfside Beach, or Sunny Isles Beach, we’re here to assist you. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and make the most of Florida’s thriving environment, family-friendly policies, and the exciting transformations on the horizon. Your journey to a brighter future in the Sunshine State begins with us.