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Nexus Riverside Phase 1B: A Rising Landmark on the Miami Skyline


In an exciting development for Miami’s urban landscape, Nexus Riverside Phase 1B has officially entered the next stage of its journey toward becoming a prominent addition to the city’s skyline. Submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration in December, this phase promises to contribute significantly to the thriving community that is rapidly taking shape along the Miami River. Let’s delve into the details that make Nexus Riverside Phase 1B a project to watch.

The Ascent:

According to the December filing, Nexus Riverside Phase 1B is set to soar to impressive heights, reaching 410 feet above ground or 412 feet above sea level. This ambitious vertical expansion is poised to make a striking impact, both visually and functionally, on Miami’s evolving architectural narrative.

Project Timeline:

Scheduled to commence in July 2024, the construction timeline for Nexus Riverside Phase 1B aligns with the city’s dynamic pace of growth. As the first phase, Modera Riverside—a 36-story tower featuring 428 apartments—takes shape, anticipation builds for the next chapter in this urban transformation.

A Closer Look at Phase 1B:

The second phase, aptly named Nexus Riverside Phase 1B, earned unanimous approval from the Urban Development Review Board (UDRB) in November. Envisioned as a 36-story marvel, this phase boasts a comprehensive plan that includes 345 residential units and a parking garage accommodating 393 vehicles. The thoughtful combination of residential and parking spaces reflects a commitment to both community living and practical urban infrastructure.

UDRB Conditions and Community Integration:

Community involvement and aesthetic considerations have played a pivotal role in the project’s approval process. The UDRB’s unanimous approval came with specific conditions, underscoring a dedication to harmonizing the development with its surroundings. These conditions include the articulation of the blank wall adjacent to the green space, the activation of the green space to enhance the pedestrian experience, and the extension of the proposed ground-level mural along the west elevation. These conditions highlight a commitment to creating a development that not only meets urban needs but also enhances the overall community experience.


As Nexus Riverside Phase 1B progresses through the approval stages and moves closer to breaking ground in 2024, it symbolizes more than just a new addition to Miami’s skyline. It represents a commitment to thoughtful urban planning, community integration, and architectural innovation. Keep an eye on this rising landmark, as it promises to redefine Miami’s cityscape and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of life along the Miami River.