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Revitalizing Elegance: The Ritz-Sagamore Redevelopment Project’s Journey in Miami Beach Real Estate

The Ritz-Sagamore Redevelopment Project in Miami Beach’s South Beach has received approval for a Certificate of Appropriateness, marking a significant step forward in its design, restoration, and new construction efforts. The project, located at 1671 Collins Avenue, involves the redevelopment of the historic Sagamore Hotel and its unification with the adjacent Ritz Carlton property at 1669 Collins Avenue and 1 Lincoln Road.

Designed by Kobi Karp, the project is a collaborative effort between Di Lido Beach Hotel Corp, EBJ Sagamore LLC, Lionstone Di Lido Retail Lessor LLC, Di Lido Beach Resort LLC, and Sobe Sky Development LLC. The approved plan includes the construction of a new 200-foot-tall, cantilevering 17-story residential tower behind the Sagamore, facing the oceanfront. Studio Munge from Canada is listed as the interior designer, and Naturalficial serves as the landscape architect.

The scope of work involves design modifications and restoration of the Sagamore Hotel lobby, partial demolition of specific sections for the expansion of hotel amenities and unit sizes, and the complete demolition of the detached 5-story cabana building for the new residential tower and pool deck. The Ritz property will undergo minor demolitions and reconfigurations, with both the Sagamore and Ritz-Carlton frontages mostly preserved as contributing historic structures to the Miami Beach neighborhood.

The key elements of the project include the construction of a residential tower with approximately 30 units, a residential lobby on the ground floor, residential units on Levels 3-17, and an amenity area with a pool deck on Level 5. The Sagamore Hotel restoration involves numerous enhancements, such as restoring the front façade, repositioning signage, and the complete restoration of the entry lobby and reception area.

For the Ritz Hotel, renovations include minor interior demolitions, partial demolition of the North Cabana wing, and a ground-up addition for a new amenity area. Additional features include a renovated ground floor parking garage, new landscaping with pools and water features, and interior renovations to the existing Beach Club Café.

Fredrik Eklund, Pietro Belmote, and Douglas Elliman, prominent names in Miami Beach real estate, are the selling agents for the property. With the project’s approval, the Ritz-Sagamore Redevelopment is poised to bring a transformative and revitalized presence to the Miami Beach real estate landscape.