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Safeguarding Surfside: Mayor Sholmo’s Fight Against the Live Local Act

Dear Surfside Neighbors,

In a world where promises often turn empty, Mayor Sholmo stands out as a beacon of commitment to preserving the unique charm of our beloved town. Amidst the political rhetoric surrounding the Live Local Act (HB627 and SB102), Mayor Sholmo has been a steadfast advocate for Surfside Beach, ensuring our delicate zoning remains untouched.

As the sole elected official in Florida to raise concerns during the drafting of the Live Local Act, Mayor Sholmo foresaw the potential harm it could inflict on smaller towns. Undeterred by the lack of support from fellow officials and the Miami-Dade County League of Cities, he personally took the initiative to go to Tallahassee. There, he spoke with legislators, testified before committees, and brought attention to the unintended consequences of this bill (Watch his statement Here).

Recognizing the need for proactive measures, Mayor Sholmo collaborated with our land-use attorney to craft legislation aimed at shielding Surfside from the potential catastrophic effects of the Live Local Act. This commission took crucial steps to protect our town, and Mayor Sholmo continues to champion in Tallahassee for amendments that would further safeguard Surfside.

The culmination of these efforts brings positive news. After months of advocacy, a “glitch” bill has emerged in this session—SB328/HB1239. This bill proposes restrictions on the height of developments, ensuring that Surfside remains safe from the threat of excessive development. Specifically, if the adjacent buildings are three stories or less, the proposed development’s height may be restricted to 125 percent of the tallest building or three stories, whichever is higher.

To address concerns about the proposed Bal Harbour Shops Live Local Development, Mayor Sholmo provides valuable insights. While expressing skepticism about the project’s actual intent, he suggests that it may be a strategic move to gain approval for an expansion project previously denied. However, he proposes concrete actions for the Bal Harbour Village Council to make the project less appealing for developers.

Mayor Sholmo recommends imposing significant impact fees, considering factors such as increased staff, additional police, sidewalk expansions, and infrastructure enhancements. By evaluating these measurable impacts, the project’s financial viability for developers may be questioned. In the event the project proceeds, Mayor Sholmo vows to pursue legal action against BH Shops, seeking impact fees to mitigate potential harm to Surfside. Additionally, he prioritizes measures to secure our town from the additional traffic such a project might bring into our residential area.

In conclusion, Surfside Beach remains safe under the dedicated leadership of Mayor Sholmo. With ongoing advocacy and a commitment to protecting our town’s essence, Mayor Sholmo ensures that Surfside continues to thrive as a haven for its residents.


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