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Seaside Dreams: Careers and Real Estate in Surfside Beach, FL


Welcome to Surfside Beach, FL, a coastal gem that not only boasts stunning ocean views but also presents exciting job opportunities and a thriving real estate market. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the promising career options currently available in Surfside Beach and provide insights into both the professional landscape and the local real estate scene.

Job Opportunities:

  • Custodian (Full-Time)
    • Job Description: Maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of public spaces and facilities.
    • Requirements: Flexible schedule, attention to detail.
    • Salary Range: $31,200.00 – $43,901.53 DOQ/E.
  • Deputy Town Clerk
    • Job Description: Assist in administrative tasks and ensure efficient town operations.
    • Requirements: Strong organizational skills, attention to detail.
    • Salary Range: $60,801.52 – $97,282.44 DOQ/E, Excellent benefits.
  • Capital Improvement Projects Director
    • Job Description: Lead and manage capital improvement projects for the city.
    • Requirements: Project management experience, strategic planning skills.
    • Salary Range: $106,078.56 – $169,725.70 DOQ/E, Excellent benefits.
  • Recreation Leader I (Part-Time)
    • Job Description: Organize and lead recreational activities for the community.
    • Requirements: Enthusiastic, experience in event coordination.
    • Salary: $15.90 – $19.00 per hour DOQ/E.
  • Communications Operator
    • Job Description: Manage and respond to incoming communications, ensuring efficient information flow.
    • Requirements: Excellent communication skills, ability to handle pressure.
    • Starting Salary: $56,784.00; Excellent benefits.
  • Certified Police Officer
    • Job Description: Serve and protect the community as a certified police officer.
    • Requirements: Police certification, physical fitness.
    • Starting Salary: $66,881.73. Excellent benefits.

Real Estate Outlook:

Surfside Beach, FL, offers not only a vibrant job market but also a diverse real estate landscape. With picturesque coastal properties, charming beachfront homes, and a range of housing options, Surfside Beach provides a unique living experience. The real estate market here is characterized by a blend of coastal elegance and community charm, making it an attractive destination for those looking to invest in a seaside lifestyle.


Whether you’re pursuing a fulfilling career or considering a move to a coastal paradise with a thriving real estate market, Surfside Beach, FL, is the ideal destination. Explore the diverse job opportunities and the promise of a coastal lifestyle, and discover the perfect combination of professional growth and beachside living in Surfside Beach.