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Spiaggia vs. The Carlisle on the Ocean: A Tale of Transformations and Investment – Surfside Beach


  • Rich History: Spiaggia, formerly known as The Beekman Hotel, has a legacy dating back to 1963. However, it underwent a significant transformation in 2001 when visionary developers initiated a renovation.
  • Luxury Condo Conversion: With an eye for luxury living, Spiaggia was acquired by developers who embarked on a journey to convert it into opulent condominiums. This transformation even involved expanding the original 12 floors to incorporate impressive two-level penthouses.

The Carlisle on the Ocean:

  • Evolution from Rentals: The Carlisle on the Ocean began its journey as rental units. However, in 2003, the Gouletas group from Chicago entered the scene, bringing with them meticulous renovation work that marked a significant turning point.
  • Condo Conversion and Investment: The Gouletas group successfully converted this property into sought-after condominiums. While the price may have initially seemed steep for local buyers, savvy investors foresaw the potential for substantial appreciation.
  • Unique Rental Opportunities: The Carlisle on the Ocean stands out as a rarity in Surfside, allowing monthly rentals. Although it once permitted daily rentals, regulatory changes, possibly influenced by city ordinances and hotel operations, have shaped its unique rental policies.

These two Surfside properties, with their distinct histories and transformations, offer a compelling narrative of how real estate investments in this coastal paradise have evolved over the years. In doing so, they have not only enriched investors but also contributed to the vitality of the local community.

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