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Surfside Beach Real Estate Update: October 2023 Closing Prices and Days on Market

The charming coastal town of Surfside Beach, Florida, experienced a dynamic real estate market in October 2023, with several properties changing hands. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the latest closing prices and the number of days these properties spent on the market (DOM). Surfside Beach’s real estate market is known for its diversity, catering to a wide range of buyers. Let’s dive into the details of these recent transactions.

9033 Emerson Ave, Surfside, FL – Sold for $2,350,000 on 10/20/23 (DOM 98):

Situated in a prime location, the property at 9033 Emerson Ave saw a closing price of $2,350,000 after spending 98 days on the market. This impressive price tag reflects the desirability of the neighborhood and the unique features of the home. Buyers looking for upscale living and luxurious amenities were drawn to this offering.

9280 Carlyle Ave, Surfside, FL – Sold for $1,700,000 on 10/23/23 (DOM 20):

A standout in the Surfside Beach market, the property at 9280 Carlyle Ave was quick to find a new owner, with only 20 days on the market. This remarkable sale at $1,700,000 showcases the demand for well-maintained, stylish homes. It’s clear that the property’s features and location contributed to its swift transaction.

917 Surfside Blvd, Surfside, FL – Sold for $1,275,000 on 10/27/23 (DOM 7):

The property at 917 Surfside Blvd, Surfside, FL, experienced an exceptionally rapid sale, spending just 7 days on the market before fetching $1,275,000. This indicates the strong demand for prime beachside locations and homes that offer convenience and an attractive lifestyle.

8911 Collins Ave #201, Surfside, FL – Sold for $490,000 on 10/23/23 (DOM 427):

Condominiums in Surfside Beach continue to be an attractive option for a diverse range of buyers. Unit #201 at 8911 Collins Ave sold for $490,000, with a significant DOM of 427. This sale demonstrates that some buyers are willing to wait for the perfect condominium that fits their needs, even in a competitive market.

9499 Collins Ave #1005, Surfside, FL – Sold for $420,000 on 10/11/23 (DOM 63):

Another condominium in the area, Unit #1005 at 9499 Collins Ave, sold for $420,000 after 63 days on the market. This property showcases the versatility of the Surfside Beach real estate market, catering to buyers with varying budgets and preferences.

9140 Collins Ave #F, Surfside, FL – Sold for $355,000 on 10/30/23 (DOM 28):

Last but not least, Unit #F at 9140 Collins Ave, Surfside, FL, sold for $355,000, spending 28 days on the market. This sale exemplifies the appeal of condos and showcases the town’s accessibility to those looking for more affordable real estate options.


Surfside Beach, Florida, continues to be a desirable destination for real estate buyers, with a diverse market that caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets. The recent October 2023 closing prices and days on the market show that homes in prime locations and well-maintained condos are in high demand. Whether you’re in the market for a luxury property or a more affordable option, Surfside Beach offers a variety of choices to suit your needs.