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“Surfside Seaway Development: Weather Delays, Rumors, and the Changing Condo Landscape”


The Seaway at Surf Club, a prominent location in South Florida, has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the development of the seaway. However, the project has hit a snag due to unpredictable weather conditions in the region. Despite the delay, the project has sold out, and rumors are swirling about unit prices exceeding a staggering $60 million, promising substantial tax revenues for the city of Surfside.

Current Status of Surrounding Condos:

As the Surf Club‘s seaway project faces delays, neighboring condos such as The Waverly at Surfside Beach, The Carlisle on The Ocean, Ocean 91, 9124 Collins Ave, and 9140 Collins Ave are on the edge of their seats. Developers and residents alike are eagerly awaiting any potential offers for purchase. The real estate market in the area has slowed down, with developers seemingly holding back in anticipation of the implementation of new rules and regulations for condominiums.

Market Slowdown and Regulatory Changes:

Presently, the real estate market in Surfside Beach, FL is experiencing a notable slowdown, attributed to both the delayed seaway project and the impending changes in condominium regulations. Developers seem to be biding their time, waiting for the official kick-in of these new rules. The market is under stress, and there is a palpable increase in condo fees, further contributing to the hesitation in the industry.

Rumors of Skyrocketing Prices:

One of the most talked-about aspects of the Surf Club’s seaway project is the rumored unit prices exceeding $60 million. If true, this development could significantly impact the city’s tax revenues, bringing in a substantial influx of funds. The prospect of such high-end real estate has neighboring condos keeping a close eye on the situation, eager to see how it might influence their own property values.

Developers Playing the Waiting Game:

Amidst the weather-related delays and the impending regulatory changes, developers seem to be adopting a cautious approach. The slow market, combined with the uncertainty surrounding the new rules, has created a climate of hesitation. Industry insiders suggest that developers are strategically waiting for the official implementation of the regulations, anticipating a potential decrease in the overall real estate market.


The Surfside Seaway development at the Surf Club has faced setbacks due to adverse weather conditions, leading to a slowdown in the local real estate market. While the project has sold out and rumors of exorbitant unit prices circulate, developers are holding back, waiting for the new condominium rules to take effect. As the city of Surfside eagerly awaits the completion of this high-profile project, surrounding condos remain on standby, poised for potential changes in the real estate landscape. Only time will reveal the impact of these developments on property values, tax revenues, and the overall dynamics of the Surfside real estate market.

Guillermo Parapar.