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The Crown Jewel Sale of the Month

Surf Club Condo – 9001 Collins Ave # S-806, Surfside, FL

Listing and Sale Price: $6,500,000 — Sold for Cash

Nestled in the highly sought-after Surf Club Condo Surf, this property made waves in the real estate community when it got listed. With its prime location and luxurious amenities, it’s no surprise that it’s our highest close sale for September. Commanding a whopping $6,500,000 — and in cash, no less — it’s evident that Surfside Beach continues to attract high-end buyers looking for the best of beachfront living.

Quality Living at an Attractive Price Point

Marbella Condo – 9341 Collins Ave # 703, Surfside, FL

Listed Price: $549,000

Sale Price: $510,000 — Sold for Cash

Just a stroll away from the beach, the Marbella Condo offers an attractive proposition for those seeking a slice of paradise without breaking the bank. This particular unit, located at 9341 Collins Ave #703, was listed at $549,000 and successfully closed at $510,000 — all in cash. This shows that while there’s certainly a market for high-end properties in Surfside, there’s also a robust demand for properties at various price points.

In Summary

The real estate market in Surfside Beach, FL continues to thrive. From ultra-luxurious properties to those offering quality living at a more modest price point, there’s something for everyone in this sun-soaked paradise. As we transition into the last quarter of the year, it’ll be fascinating to see how the market continues to evolve. For now, though, September has proven to be a strong month, reflecting the enduring appeal of Surfside properties.

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