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Timeless Elegance and Coastal Living: The Four Winds Condominiums in Surfside, Florida

Nestled along the pristine shores of Surfside, Florida, the Four Winds condominiums stand as a testament to architectural legacy and modern living. Built in 1967 by the renowned architect Morris Lapidus, this residential tower underwent a graceful transformation in 1974, transitioning into a condominium community that seamlessly blends classic charm with contemporary comforts. Today, the Four Winds beckons residents and investors alike with its unique history, luxurious amenities, and a prime location that captures the essence of Miami’s coastal allure.

History: A Fusion of Timeless Design and Modern Upgrades:

Four Winds Condo

Originally envisioned by Morris Lapidus, the Four Winds has evolved into a charming condominium community comprising 144 residences over its 13 stories. The building underwent a significant renovation a few years back, focusing on exterior enhancements, including paint and concrete restoration. These thoughtful upgrades have brought a contemporary touch to the interiors, showcasing modern design elements and high-end fixtures. While discussions about necessary repairs are underway, the Four Winds remains a living canvas where history and modernity coalesce.

Amenities: Luxurious Living Beyond Condo Walls:

Beyond the elegantly designed condos, Four Winds offers residents a luxurious living experience with an oceanfront swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness center, a clubhouse for community gatherings, and a playground for the youngest residents. Notably, Four Winds stands out with its flexible rental policy, appealing to investors seeking both historical charm and contemporary convenience. From spacious studios to opulent three-bedroom penthouses, the Four Winds caters to diverse living preferences.

Location: Beachside Living with Town Charms:

Situated at the coveted address of 9225 Collins Avenue, Four Winds provides direct access to the beautiful beachfront, inviting residents to indulge in coastal living at its finest. Beyond the allure of the beach, the prime location allows residents to stroll to the heart of Surfside, a charming town that seamlessly blends urban convenience with coastal tranquility. Four Winds offers a rare blend of the vibrant cityscape and the soothing sounds of the ocean waves.

Closed Sales and Market Insight:

As of Nov 13, 2023, the latest sale at 9225 Collins Ave #504 reflects the enduring appeal of Four Winds. After spending 79 days on the market, this residence was sold for $380,000, showcasing the desirability of this unique condominium community. With an original listing price of $448,888, the transaction underscores the dynamic nature of the real estate market in this coveted Surfside address.

Conclusion: Preserving Legacy, Embracing Modern Living:

The Four Winds condominiums in Surfside, Florida, represent more than a residential space; they embody a harmonious fusion of architectural history and contemporary elegance. As conversations about potential investors circulate, the Four Winds remains an enduring symbol of timeless design, offering residents and investors alike the opportunity to savor the best of both worlds – classic charm and modern convenience along the sun-kissed shores of Miami.