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United for Freedom: Surfside Marks 100 Days of Captivity with Awareness Walk/Run


In a somber milestone, the city of Surfside Beach FL gathers today, Sunday, January 14, 2024, to mark 100 days since the hostages were taken captive. To raise awareness and show solidarity, residents and supporters will participate in a walk and run event, starting from the Solimar Building and heading south. The event not only commemorates the endurance of those in captivity but also serves as a powerful symbol of the community’s resilience and commitment to bringing them home.

The Captivity Challenge:

For 100 days, the hostages have faced unimaginable challenges, separated from their loved ones and the life they once knew. As the community unites for this awareness walk/run, it becomes a collective effort to break the silence surrounding their captivity and to advocate for their safe return. The Solimar Building, standing tall as a symbol of hope, serves as the starting point for this meaningful event.

The Walk/Run Route:

Participants will embark on a journey from the Solimar Building, walking and running south, covering significant landmarks along the way. The route has been carefully planned to symbolize the path towards freedom and justice, echoing the community’s determination to stand against captivity.

Unity in Diversity:

The event welcomes people from all walks of life, emphasizing the unity within diversity. Residents, friends, and supporters will come together to demonstrate the strength of a community that refuses to be divided in the face of adversity. Every step taken is a collective stride towards justice and freedom.

Raising Awareness:

The walk/run is not just a physical activity; it is a powerful medium to raise awareness about the hostages’ plight. Participants are encouraged to carry signs, wear ribbons, or don symbolic attire to amplify the message. Social media campaigns and local media coverage will further extend the reach, ensuring that the world hears Surfside’s call for justice.

Community Support:

The event is a testament to the unwavering support the community provides to those affected by the hostage situation. It serves as a reminder that Surfside Beach, FL stands together, a united force committed to supporting one another through thick and thin.


As Surfside Beach FL marks 100 days since the hostages were taken captive, the awareness walk/run stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and unity. The community’s collective efforts to bring attention to this grave situation exemplify the strength that lies within solidarity. The path towards freedom is long, but Surfside walks it together, determined to see the day when their loved ones return home.