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Unveiling the Ongoing Challenges at Burleigh House, 7135 Collins Ave, Miami Beach


In the heart of Miami Beach, the Burleigh House stands as an iconic residence facing a complex situation. Amidst the bustling real estate market, a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit within this condominium has lingered for more than 300 days, priced at $409,000. As prospective buyers delve into the details, the initial attraction turns into a cautionary tale, revealing a condo fee exceeding $2,000 per month and three special assessments totaling almost $57,832, depending on the size of the unit. The narrative takes a more ominous turn as an ongoing issue unfolds within the building.

The Persistent Challenge:

For the past 15 months, Burleigh House residents have grappled with recurrent pipe failures causing water damage, a problem believed to be linked to the air conditioning system. Despite the frequency of these incidents, the Board and Property Manager have chosen a path of secrecy, labeling the challenges as “emergency repairs.” This lack of transparency has left residents in the dark, prompting frustration and concerns about the true nature and extent of the problem.

Navigating the Complexities of Condominium Laws:

Compounding the situation, condominium laws seemingly tilted in favor of the Board create additional hurdles for owners seeking information and resolution. The imbalance of power in such cases leaves affected residents feeling helpless. The struggle to access vital information or achieve a swift resolution is a common theme, adding to the challenges faced by those seeking clarity and accountability.

Community Response:

In the face of these ongoing issues, a determined group of Burleigh House residents has emerged, taking the initiative to investigate the root causes of the pipe failures. Collaborating closely with the City of Miami Beach Building Department, this group aims to bring transparency to the situation and advocate for the best interests of the community. Their efforts highlight the importance of community engagement and collective action in addressing complex challenges within a condominium setting.


As the saga of pipe failures unfolds at Burleigh House, it underscores the significance of transparency, community engagement, and a fair resolution process. The perseverance of residents actively working towards solutions demonstrates the strength and resilience within the community. We will keep you updated on any developments in this ongoing story, offering insights into the real estate landscape in Miami Beach. Stay tuned for more updates on #ONLYinDADE.