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Villa at Waverly: Your Gateway to Serene Beachside Living

Nestled at the coveted address of 9172 Collins Ave #301,Surfside, FL Villa at Waverly stands as a testament to luxurious beachside living. Offering a captivating view of the lush garden and the inviting pool, this corner unit is a tranquil oasis where the soothing sound of the waves meets the serenity of coastal living.

The Art of Space: Split Floor Plan and Elegant Wood Floors

Step into this coastal haven, and you’re immediately greeted by a sense of space and sophistication. The split floor plan ensures ample closets, providing you with the freedom to organize and design your living spaces according to your personal preferences. But the allure doesn’t stop there; elegant wood floors gracefully span the interior, adding a touch of timeless appeal to your new beachside retreat. These floors invite you to kick off your shoes and savor the feeling of warmth underfoot as you indulge in the essence of true coastal comfort.

Endless Amenities for Your Pleasure

Villa at Waverly doesn’t just promise luxurious living; it delivers. Residents here have the privilege of immersing themselves in a world of amenities designed to cater to every aspect of a beachside lifestyle. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing dip or a leisurely swim, this villa offers not one, but two pools. It’s your choice – the crystal-clear waters of the garden pool or the inviting waters of the swimming pool. And for those who prioritize health and wellness, the fitness center awaits, providing the perfect setting to stay in top shape and maintain an active lifestyle.

What’s more, you’ll discover the pure joy of unwinding in the jacuzzi, a haven of relaxation that’s just steps away. For those who cherish the art of outdoor dining, the barbeque area is your canvas to create delightful culinary experiences. And let’s not forget the volleyball court – a place where laughter, friendly competition, and countless memories await.

Investment Potential: A Smart Move

For the astute investor, Villa at Waverly presents a unique opportunity. With only 47 residences, this community exudes exclusivity, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a piece of beachside paradise. Adding to its allure is the flexibility it offers. Residents here have the freedom to rent their units up to twice a year, creating the potential for a smart investment opportunity. Imagine having a place where you can escape to the beachside oasis whenever you wish, and when you’re not there, let it work for you. It’s an investment that promises both lifestyle and financial returns.

Location: A World of Exploration Awaits

The charm of Villa at Waverly extends beyond its walls. Situated within walking distance to the town, residents have the convenience of exploring local shops, eateries, and attractions. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll to discover hidden treasures in the neighborhood or you’re looking to satisfy your palate with the delectable flavors of the town, this prime location offers it all. It’s the perfect fusion of beachside tranquility and urban exploration.

Villa at Waverly is not just a residence; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a place where the beauty of coastal living meets the luxury of endless amenities. It’s an investment opportunity that promises both financial returns and precious memories. And it’s a gateway to a world of exploration right at your doorstep. Discover the essence of beachside living at 9172 Collins Ave #301, Villa at Waverly, and make it your own.

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